Frequently Asked Questions

How does MultiMeasure work?

MultiMeasure works based on relative pixel distance between two points, given distance between any other two points on the same image. MultiMeasure assumes that reference distance, and other distances are in the same 2D plane surface.

Can I try before purchasing?

Of course. Free edition of the app, called MultiMeasure Free is available on AppStore. Free edition is a fully featured ad-supported application. The only limitation is that the free edition does not allow sharing/saving of measurement blue print. For most usages free edition should be enough.

How accurate are measurements taken using MultiMeasure?

Measurements taken from multi-measure can be extremely accurate (with 0.5 inches), as long as the restrictions mentioned in the 'How to achieve accurate measurements' are followed. Note that measurements taken from MultiMeasure should be used to get a reasonable idea of the distances, which can be used for estimating area, costs of remodeling etc. but should not be relied upon critical applications demanding extremely high accuracy.

How to achieve accurate measurements?

Use following tips for achieving accuracy:
  • Make sure that the all objects belong to the same 2D plane as the reference object. 
  • The measurement plane should be parallel to the camera ccd (or iphone surface).
  • When marking objects, zoom to maximum possible (using pinch out) and adjust to align end points as accurately as possible.
  • Use the line end markers on the frame to make pixel perfect alignment.
  • Use larger object as a reference measurement, that way the error in marking object is not multiplied.

When does MultiMeasure NOT work?

Since multi-measure works with the assumption of 2D surface, following are the circumstances when the measurements taken using Multi-Measure are not going to be accurate.
  • When the reference object is not in the same 2D plane as the object being measured.
  • Reference object is not marked correctly. It's essential that reference object is marked precisely for accurate measurements.
  • If camera CCD (or typically iPhone's surface) is not parallel to the 2D plane containing measurements.

How do I report issues?

Multiple ways to report problems.
  • From your iPhone, in the AppStore application, use 'Report Issue' button from the MultiMeasure application details page.
  • You can send an email to, please include 'Issue with MultiMeasure Version: <version details>' in the subject.
  • Also mention if you are using iPad or iPhone and iOS version.

How do I delete folders / Can I delete folder and it's contents together?

The folder must be empty before it can be deleted. You cannot delete folders and it's contents together, this is done so that one can cancel the delete. 
Use following steps:
  • Switch to edit of explorer view.
  • Delete all the contents in a folder.
  • Save (confirm the delete)
  • Switch to edit of the explorer view again
  • Delete the empty folder & Save (confirm the delete)