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Ever wondered, standing in a shop, if this table or sofa will fit in my room?
Forgot to take the measurements with you, Or took only some of them when shopping for furniture, remodeling or drapery?
Ever wondered if there was easier way to take measurements of hard to reach areas, such as that arch high up above your living room window?
If you are anything like us, this happens all the time. Well, Not anymore. MultiMeasure app is what you need. And it's now available on Apple's App Store. Using MultiMeasure app, not only you can take measurements with you, all the time, right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but can share them as well. Check our demo page to see quick 3 minute 'How To' video of MultiMeasure in action.

iPhone Photo Gallery

Taking measurements with MultiMeasure, as simple as 1-2-3.
  1. Take a picture (or choose one from your library)
  2. Mark various objects whose measurements you are interested in, and
  3. Provide one reference measurement.
That's all there to it. Flip to preview mode to see the Blue Print. Now you can save the blue print or email it. 

Photos shown are screenshots MultiMeasure.  Refer to the User Guide for more detailed information about the features of MultiMeasure.

Is it solve it all app? Definitely not. There are certainly limitations to achieving accuracy, and the biggest being how the photograph was taken. Visit the FAQ section for tips on achieving greater accuracy when using MultiMeasure.

Let the fun part of taking measurements begin!
Although we have tested the application on multiple devices, it's often not possible to test all combinations of devices and photos. While we think the application is pretty stable, you may find an occasional issue or have some suggestion for improvement. To notify product issues or request for enhancements, please submit them to multimeasure@moplease.com. When sending email please provide details of the issue, how to reproduce it, or what would you like to see it. Given very small numbers of resources it may not be always possible to satisfy all requests, but we promise to get back to you as soon as possible, and provide updates to the critical issues at the earnest.
Have something to say? Please leave a comment on this page. We take comments seriously and there is zero tolerance for non-sense, derogatory or offensive comments. We reserve the right to post or remove a comment if found objectionable or unrelated in anyway to MultiMeasure.
Latest Version Information
Version Number 
 Supported OS: 
 iPhoneOS 3.1.2 
iOS 4.2 
 Supported Devices: 
iPod Touch