User Guide


This user guide describes various application features and available actions. Users are encouraged to view a demo video as it's easier to see how to use it. One can always refer to this page for detailed explanation.

MultiMeasure is a universal application, which means it can run on iPad in the iPad (full screen) mode and on iPhone (small screen) mode. The layout of the application screens, how particular actions are invoked differ slightly in both the modes, but all application functionality is identical in both these modes. The icons used are consistent in both the modes, allowing users to switch between their devices without having to re-learn the application.

Application Flavors

MultiMeasure application is available in two flavors, 
  • A full featured paid application, MultiMeasure, that allows user to save and share the measurements.
  • Free application, MultiMeasure Free, that is supported by advertisements, and allows user to work on only one measurement. (Saving and Sharing options are not enabled) 
Free application can be used as try it before you buy it. From measurements perspective, free application is a full featured application and we hope it will suit most people's needs without having to pay.

Application Launch Page 

MultiMeasure application is launched into screens that look like following, depending upon the device of your choice.
iPhone Launch Page   iPad Launch Page

Choose from the following available actions:
  • Choose from Photo Library (iPad: Photo Albums) -- Choosing this will take you to a screen where it will list all albums available on the device. Usually, there's only Saved Photo Album, but you may have more albums.
  •  Choose from Saved Photos (iPad: Saved Photos) -- Choosing this will take you to a screen where it will show photos available in the saved photos album. It's a short-cut into saved photos directly.
  •  Capture new Photo -- This option is available only on devices having camera. This option will launch devices camera for capturing new photo. A newly captured photo from within MultiMeasure is not saved back to photo album.
  •  My Measurements (iPad: Saved Measurements) -- This option is NOT available in the Free version of the application. Choosing this will take you to listing of saved measurements, and one can delete or reopen a measurement.
  •  Quick Reference & Tips -- Choosing this icon from the toolbar (top right corner) will display a quick reference.


Once you have identified photo you can now start measuring. First measurement is auto created for you. All you have to do is reposition, and modify it represent your object on the photo. You should have one actual measurement handy, which will be used as a reference measurement. Here we will show all functionality available for you to get most accurate measurements as quickly as possible. Later in the document there is a step by step instruction set. We also encourage readers to watch the quick introduction video of the application.

There are two primary tasks you perform when you are taking measurements.
  1. Add a new measurements to photo.
  2. Zoom In/Zoom Out/Move the photo to focus on smaller portion of the photo at a time.  

To add a new measurement to photo, click the add button [+] at the top right. A new measurement in the center of the screen will appear. Start swiping line ends to adjust the length of the measurement line. By default the measurement that is being drawn, is also selected (indicated by blue colored tape, with circular grab handles at the end). Also note that two friendly markers will appear at the bottom and right side of the photo frame. These markers allow for pixel perfect positioning.
To select any other measurement, just tap at the center handle or any of the end markers. If reference measurement is already provided, the toolbar shows the current selected object's measurement.

You can do following things with selected measurement:
Move: To move selected measurement, hold it (with 1 finger) at the center handle (indicated with hand pointing to the center) and move the measurement by swiping with the finger.
Mark as reference: To mark selected measurement as reference, tap the 'Reference' button, the one with Yellow Flag. You are presented with a dialog where you can choose your actual reference distance, either in Feet/Inches (FPS) or Meters/Centimeters (MKS) system. All measurements are then represented using the same system, either MKS/FPS. You cannot have mixed mode of some measurements in FPS and some in MKS. Switching measurement system from FPS to MKS or vice-versa does not recalculate the actual numbers. It's expected that the numbers entered are actual measurements in the specified system. Non-selected reference measure shows flag in the center and with a red tape.
Resize/Adjust: To resize or adjust, grab at the end circular grab markers and swipe your finger for the end you are modifying.
Delete: Selected measuring tape can be deleted by tapping at the trash button on the toolbar. Note that there is NO undo or confirmation box for the delete, to keep things simple and avoid annoying popups.
Quick Align: As a shortcut to align vertically or horizontally, double tap on the red markers to be seen on the bottom & right side of the photo frame.

All non selected measurements are shown with orange line.
Done button (applicable for iPhone only) will take you back to the launch screen, all unsaved changes will be lost (a warning will popup asking you to continue). So make sure that you are really sure to go back.

Perform pinch-in or pinch-out actions which will cause zooming in or out. Move the photo to focus on specific area, particularly useful in zoom mode. Also notice the toolbar has Fit to Width and Fit to Height shortcuts. That will scale the photo to automatically fit either width or height.

Preview Blue Print and Sharing
Once you have all necessary measurements marked, you can switch to preview mode to see how the final blue print view looks like. This mode allows one to see all measurements at a glance. Also sharing actions, such as Saving or Emailing are available in this mode. Photo below shows the blue print example.
Tap actions button on the top right and you will be presented with sharing menu. Alternatively you can use the toolbar icons for Save and Email to achieve the same.  Note that sharing options are available only in the full edition of the application. Free edition does not allow the sharing options.
Following operations are available.

: When save action is selected you are presented with the screen as shown. Enter the name that you would like to see for the measurement blue print you want to save. If a measurement by that name already exists, it will be over-written. A warning will be presented, and you may choose to proceed with overwrite operation or cancel and specify different name.
You must add a sub-folder. Saving to root folder 'My Measurements' is not allowed. To add a subfolder, click on the add subfolder (+) button. That will add new editable folder entry under may measurements. Enter name, click done, and make sure you select the folder. Not selecting any folder or not specifying any name will result into error.
Sub-folders allow you to categorize and keep related measurements together.
Save persists the photo and the measurements together within application folder. (Thus syncing your device will automatically backup any saved measurements you have). 

Email: If Email action is chosen, you are presented with standard email form, with the blue print as an attachment. You are still operating within MultiMeasure app, and you are not redirected to email application. 

You can always cancel the save operation, if you are not ready to save yet. Cancel button on the toolbar will cancel save operation and take you back to the Blue Print preview screen.

To exit out of Blue Print mode, tap the 'Exit Preview' button on the toolbar. That will take you back to the measuring screen.

Re-opening saved measurements 

To re-open a saved measurement, follow the steps below:
Note that, Free Edition of this application does not show option to explore and re-open since saving is not possible with the Free Edition.
 When Using iPhone When using iPad
  • Go to the launch screen. If you are in Preview Blue Print mode, exit out of it by pressing 'Done' button from the toolbar. If you are in Measurement mode, exit out of it by pressing 'Done' button once more.
  • Tap 'My Measurements' item.
  • If you are in Preview Blue Print mode, exit out by tapping 'Exit Preview' button on the toolbar.
  • Tap action button on the top left corner to open main pull-down menu.
  • Select 'Saved Measurements' 

Explorer screen with the thumbnail image of the measurement photo and the name is show, as per the screen shot on the left.
Simply tap the object you want to reopen, and you will be taken to the measurement mode with all prior measurements.

Edit: Edit operation allows one to delete the saved measurements as well as folders. Non-empty folder cannot be removed. Each measurement from the folder must be deleted before folder can be deleted.
To delete simply tab the Edit button on the toolbar. This will flip the current view into classic iPhone delete view, where you can tap the (-) button and then 'Delete' button on the left.
Once done, tap 'Done' button. A confirmation dialog is opened. Once confirmed, the deletions are performed. Any error is reported back.

Note that delete operation cannot be undone. So make sure that you don't need the measurement any longer before continuing.